We thank all those who are already our customers and know the quality and benefits of products made by Takamaz. At the same time we would like to broaden our user base to new customers and markets.

Since the establishment of the “Takamaz Machinery Co., LTD in July 1961 in Ishikawa (Japan) the company has grown with its successful company philosophy  of ” People make the company” .

With this philosophy, Takamaz guided their power and focuses in the development and manufacture of machine tools starting with lathe machines in the range of 75 mm (3inch) to 250 mm (10inch) chuck sizes. From the Takamaz philosophy, it own existence is only possible with the success and support of the customer “Ensuring jobs and a return for the company’s existence”. Therefore, Takamaz also provides its own development and production of automation solutions for the benefit of the customer’s onward development.

To meet the technological needs and challenges of todays market in our fast paced world, Takamaz has made major investment in education and training for its employees. With 455 employees in Japan, there is a healthy mix of young and old with an average age of 37 years. With this mix of knowledge it is possible to combine the experiences from the many already developed and produced machines, with the latest electronic innovations for the benefit of customers going forward.

With this team, new machines and automation systems are developed within Takamaz and produced up to at a current volume of 120 machines per month.

Global proximity to the customers is also an important point. With this consideration Takamaz has built for the needs of the market in China, investing in their own production facility using this only for the supply of machine’s to the Chinese market.

Of course Takamaz is in all other major markets locally and has set up its own representations to support the Global dealer network in Europe, USA, China, Thailand and Indonesia. All offices are Takamaz partners, all of whom have their own service and sales staff, supported over a short distance and for the benefit of customers.
“Only those who are close to the customer knows his desires, needs and problems.”

Thanks to the flexible imagination, unrelenting spirit in search of challenges and trust in their own technological capabilities, Takamaz believes these standards will benefit the customers for many more years to come.

Why do so many customers worldwide choose machinery of TAKAMAZ?

  • The quality of the products made by TAKAMAZ with their high rigidity
  • The high precision and productivity
  • Compact design for optimum utilization of space (Each axis is only as long as necessary)
  • The overall solution of automation systems to reduce cycle times
  • Many standardized automation systems.
  • Machines complementing the workpiece size and the process requirements.
  • Drives and motors packaged to the machines capacity adding environmental protection and cost reduction